Ink Of The Month For Easter – April ‘20 – Blackbird Ink Puffin Orange

Blackbird Ink make up a small but notable corner of my ever-growing ink collection; ever-growing being a polite way of saying I have stopped counting conventionally and adopted a similar approach to that of Sgt Detritus’s (from the Discworld’s Ankh Morpork City Watch) e.g. one, two, three, many……. Continue reading “Ink Of The Month For Easter – April ‘20 – Blackbird Ink Puffin Orange”

Muji Word Cards, an alternative to Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book

I came across this workable alternative when I only after I bought the Word Cards for an entirely different purpose; originally I bought them because I was looking for a reasonably substantial slip of paper to wedge under the clip on a fountain pen to tell me what ink I was testing in it. This idea expanded from just writing the name/colour of the ink to doing a small swatch with a Q-Tip to make identification of the colour in the pen even easier. Continue reading “Muji Word Cards, an alternative to Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book”

The Jinhao ‘Duofold Centennial’ Fountain Pen

I’ve wanted, for quite some time, to own a Parker Big Red Centennial, for me it is the epitome of the classic Parker Duofold and even though the price fluctuates wildly on Amazon it never goes wild enough for me to pull the trigger; so when I saw that Jinhao had produced a ‘homage’ to this great pen I placed my order and waited. Continue reading “The Jinhao ‘Duofold Centennial’ Fountain Pen”

Terry Pratchett Day

Thank you once again for joining me for Terry Pratchett Day; the day in the year when we mark the passing of a truly brilliant storyteller.

I could write a lot of heart felt words, but I suspect, in fact after talking to Bernard I’m certain, that Terry would just call me a ‘daft bugger’, so I won’t. I’ll just say that wherever you are Terry we miss you; you’ve left a bloody big hole in the world.

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away…”

12th March 2015