Fountain Pen Friendly From Muji

I was browsing in Muji a couple of weeks ago and came across this particular notebook that, as it turned out, was part of their four for the price of three offer; so naturally this was an offer I could not pass up and without owning up to how many I bought, let’s just say I left the store with a paper bag that was full to the brim. Continue reading “Fountain Pen Friendly From Muji”


Inks Of The Month

Normally ‘Ink Of The Month’ is just that, a singular ink. This time however, I’ve decided, as a one off, to look at a range. The range in question, as you will have guessed from the title, is the Mabie Todd Blackbird Inks offering six different colours named after various wild birds; Mallard Green, Starling Purple, Sand Martin Brown, Robin Red, Kingfisher Blue and Blackbird Black. Continue reading “Inks Of The Month”