Bertie Wooster’s Notebook aka A Gentleman’s Notes By Sloane Stationery

It’s fair to say that I’ve no idea what notebook, if any, was carried by Bertie Wooster but when I picked this up it occurred to me that this was just the type of notebook Bertie would have in his pocket and Jeeves would have had to confiscate to keep Bertie out of trouble with the courts, his friends or worst of all his formidable aunt Agatha.
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IOTM – December ’19 – Lamy Crystal Ink Azurite

Welcome to Ink Of The Month for December ’19

Lamy is one of those brands that I have very mixed feelings about; on the one hand I admire the build quality and reliability of their pens but on the other hand I really don’t like the triangular section on the Safari/Al Star range, in my opinion it is long overdue for a design overhaul. Continue reading “IOTM – December ’19 – Lamy Crystal Ink Azurite”