A most unusual fountain pen, the Platinum 3776 Gathered  

We live in a world where you would be hard pressed to find a material that has not been used to create part or all of a fountain pen and design is only limited by the imagination. And over forty years ago the imagination of Haruo Umeda (aka Mr Fountain Pen) created the Platinum 3776 Gathered and since its creation it has stood out as a truly unique fountain pen; if it wasn’t most of us would probably never have heard of it. Continue reading “A most unusual fountain pen, the Platinum 3776 Gathered  “

Shopping with Iguanasell

Iguanasell are based in Madrid and have been in business since around 2008 selling luxury goods including pens, watches, bags, cufflinks et cetera. But until two weeks ago I had never really taken a lot of notice of them; I had heard positive feedback but as Madrid is not ‘local’ to me I think I had simply not considered them as an option.

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Blue Art Deco Fountain Pen Ink by Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping is an independent stationery store at 21 Tower Street not far from Covent Garden who sell some of the most wonderful stationery you can imagine; and for a long time, they have been on my list of places to visit. So far, though, I have only managed to visit them online and I do this every so often to see what is new and indulge in a little window shopping and it was on one of these visits that I came across their own brand inks.

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