Ink Of The Month – July ’18

For this month I have chosen KWZ’s Brown Pink. I purchased this KWZ ink on a whim, I was intrigued by the name and couldn’t understand how you could create such an unusual colour. Continue reading “Ink Of The Month – July ’18”


Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator

For a while now I have been interested in a Pelikan fountain pen; I tried the Stola but was not very impressed, too many hard starts and skips for my liking. I may go back to it one day but it’s not on my ‘to do’ list at the present time. A word of advice if you are thinking of a Stola; make sure you by the boxed version and not the one packaged in a plastic tube, mine came in the tube and the plastic clip employed to secure the pen had marked the surface of the pen, so buy boxed versions only. Continue reading “Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator”

A Trip To The Tiger Store

For anyone not familiar with Tiger stores ( they are an absolute joy to visit; they are bright, colourful and full of the everyday and the unusual but all of it is fun. All of the stores I have visited have a route that you follow to ensure you get to see everything they have to offer, and the stock changes quite regularly so for an infrequent visitor, like me, there is always something new to see. Continue reading “A Trip To The Tiger Store”