The Northumbrian Pen Company – Pen Roll For Five Pens


Some time ago when I was considering buying some pen blanks I came across The Turners Workshop and browsing the site I found they stock a range of pen storage solutions; however, the five pen leather pen roll, by The Northumbrian Pen Company, caught my eye. I didn’t buy one at the time but filed away a mental note to go back one day and have a second look at this pen roll. Continue reading “The Northumbrian Pen Company – Pen Roll For Five Pens”


Kaweco On The Orient Express – The Dia2

Firstly, my apologies to Agatha Christie.

Secondly, my title was inspired by the fact that, as far as I can ascertain, the original Dia was released in 1934, the same year as ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ and its successor the Dia2 is made to look like the original so it’s only a small leap of faith to imagine the original one in use on the famous train. Continue reading “Kaweco On The Orient Express – The Dia2”

A Visit to the Fabriano Boutique, London.

I started writing this thinking I could wrap up a review of a store visit and some products in one short piece, but it soon became obvious that this was not going to be the case. So, this review is divided into two parts, the visit and the products, and as this is a long one I suggest you make some coffee pull up a plate of cookies and get comfortable. Continue reading “A Visit to the Fabriano Boutique, London.”