A Little More Magic From Muji – An EDC Grab Bag

This is just a quick review of a collapsible case I picked up in Muji; the staff told me that these are now discontinued so it’s a case of get them while you can. Continue reading “A Little More Magic From Muji – An EDC Grab Bag”


LEnWA Nature Idea – My First Chinese Notebook

Just lately I’ve been reading about proper Chinese notebooks, as opposed to those where components only are made in China and it is assembled elsewhere, and it generally seemed that most people were quite happy with them. So, I set out on my travels around the internet to see if I could find a notebook that had not received much notice and I came across the LEnWA Nature Idea notebooks. Continue reading “LEnWA Nature Idea – My First Chinese Notebook”

More From A Trip To Muji

A while back I published an article called ‘A Trip To Muji’ and in it I remember saying that I had more from Muji but it was currently being stored somewhere safe; which translated to “I’ve no clue where it is!”. That was until a few days ago when I was looking for something and I moved a box and heard the unmistakeable rustle of a paper bag and knew I had struck Muji gold. Continue reading “More From A Trip To Muji”