Ensso Piuma – The Brass Feather

Piuma is Italian for feather and most of Ensso’s pens are beautifully machined from lightweight aluminium or titanium so naturally I opted for the heaviest version, the brass one. Continue reading “Ensso Piuma – The Brass Feather”


The Wing Sung 698 – A Chinese Pen With A Genuine Medium Nib

As anyone who has dipped into this site will have worked out that I am a fan of Chinese fountain pens; indeed, the very first pen I bought when I started collecting a few years ago was a Jinhao 159.  Continue reading “The Wing Sung 698 – A Chinese Pen With A Genuine Medium Nib”

Inks Of The Month

Normally ‘Ink Of The Month’ is just that, a singular ink. This time however, I’ve decided, as a one off, to look at a range. The range in question, as you will have guessed from the title, is the Mabie Todd Blackbird Inks offering six different colours named after various wild birds; Mallard Green, Starling Purple, Sand Martin Brown, Robin Red, Kingfisher Blue and Blackbird Black. Continue reading “Inks Of The Month”