Stationery by Anand Prakash

I first heard about Anand Prakash a few years ago when I read a footnote in a review of Indian fountain pens; the note was very complimentary and talked about how old blueprints had been saved and recycled into notebook covers and the like. I was intrigued by this and took a trip to the website and sure enough there were the blueprint notebooks and a whole host of other wonderful things. I purchased a few items as gifts and was very impressed and then this year I ordered quite a few things and decided to review them. Continue reading “Stationery by Anand Prakash”

Happy 4th July

Today we celebrate Independence Day; and since this time last year we have gone through and are still going through a period of great turmoil and life, for all of us, will never be the same.

So, whilst we celebrate I ask you to just take a moment and remember that there are many people who should be celebrating with us but are sadly gone.


Camlin Pencils vs Nataraj Pencils

My curiosity about Indian pencils started a few years ago when I read Priya’s review of the Nataraj Marble Pencil at The London Parchment, I was impressed and promptly scoured eBay where found them for sale by the barrel. Each barrel contains a hundred pencils at an insanely reasonable price; and yes, you guessed it, I bought them. In fact, I bought two so now I own two hundred marble pencils! Continue reading “Camlin Pencils vs Nataraj Pencils”

The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire

A few weeks ago, I searched eBay for ‘Parker Penman Ink’ and expected the usual insanely expensive options to pop up; instead I found a seller who had three bottles of Sapphire blue for sale and it was very reasonably priced. All three described as ‘New Old Stock’ so I bought two of them, which makes me the lucky owner of two bottles of one of the most sought-after inks. Continue reading “The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire”

Black Lives Matter

On the 25th May 2020 George Perry Floyd jr died begging for his life, he was a black man who died at the hands of a white police officer and his colleagues who felt it necessary to use handcuffs and neck compression to restrain him.

He said numerous times that that he could not breathe and on each and every occasion he was ignored.

The reason he ended up being restrained was that he was accused of passing a fake $20 bank note in a store and for subsequently failing to return the items he bought with said bank note. 

He lost his life for allegedly using a fake bank note; the police officer who assumed command of the arrest and shortly thereafter murdered George Floyd placed a price on his life, of $20.

We are supposed to be living in an enlightened society where everyone not only deserves but has the right to expect equal treatment under the law; however, it turns out when you are black in America this isn’t always the case.

Black lives matter, in fact all lives matter and if we allow racism and bigotory to flourish it will spread rapidly and then it will be anyone those in power object to, and we will find our world only one small step away from the horror of Auschwitz.

George Floyd should never have died, he did, and his passing has to mean something; so, stand up and be counted and make a difference.

Berlin Notebook No.5 – New Red by Caroline Corleone

Today I am reviewing another new ink from Berlin Notebook. A little while ago Peter mentioned they were creating a new ink and at the time I asked if it would be a red ink, but Peter didn’t let on what the colour would be.  So, when I dropped by the site and saw it was a red ink, I was very keen to see what Peter and Caroline had created. Continue reading “Berlin Notebook No.5 – New Red by Caroline Corleone”