The WH Smith Fountain Pen

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone write a review of a generic own brand fountain pen; especially one that was really meant to be a throw away on the way to something better. Continue reading “The WH Smith Fountain Pen”


More From A Trip To Muji

A while back I published an article called ‘A Trip To Muji’ and in it I remember saying that I had more from Muji but it was currently being stored somewhere safe; which translated to “I’ve no clue where it is!”. That was until a few days ago when I was looking for something and I moved a box and heard the unmistakeable rustle of a paper bag and knew I had struck Muji gold. Continue reading “More From A Trip To Muji”

Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator

For a while now I have been interested in a Pelikan fountain pen; I tried the Stola but was not very impressed, too many hard starts and skips for my liking. I may go back to it one day but it’s not on my ‘to do’ list at the present time. A word of advice if you are thinking of a Stola; make sure you by the boxed version and not the one packaged in a plastic tube, mine came in the tube and the plastic clip employed to secure the pen had marked the surface of the pen, so buy boxed versions only. Continue reading “Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator”