Surprise Of The Year 2020 – The Opus 88 Demonstrator

When I look back over 2020 I’ve written about a lot of different things and I’ve been very impressed by all of them from the Classiky Desktop Toolbox to the Harry Potter notebooks from Primark. So, it was very difficult to pick one out of the many that really surprized me and stood out as something different. But after much deliberation I have chosen the Opus 88 Demonstrator eyedropper fountain pen. Continue reading “Surprise Of The Year 2020 – The Opus 88 Demonstrator”

A most unusual fountain pen, the Platinum 3776 Gathered  

We live in a world where you would be hard pressed to find a material that has not been used to create part or all of a fountain pen and design is only limited by the imagination. And over forty years ago the imagination of Haruo Umeda (aka Mr Fountain Pen) created the Platinum 3776 Gathered and since its creation it has stood out as a truly unique fountain pen; if it wasn’t most of us would probably never have heard of it. Continue reading “A most unusual fountain pen, the Platinum 3776 Gathered  “