Ink Of The Month – August ’19 – Octopus Inks Mango vs Troublemaker Inks Mango

This month I decided to do something different. A while ago I reviewed Mango by Troublemaker Inks, which I liked a lot, and then just recently a version of Mango was added to the Octopus Inks range so I couldn’t resist finding out how this one compares. Continue reading “Ink Of The Month – August ’19 – Octopus Inks Mango vs Troublemaker Inks Mango”

Ink Of The Month – July ’19 – Sailor Jentle Irori

As it’s summer and this is post 100 I thought I would search the ink collection, no mean feat in itself, to find something special; I wanted a really bright colour to compliment the season. The storage crates were opened and many many inks were taken out for inspection and promptly returned until I came across a bottle of Sailor Irori (Hearth Red) ink that I had forgotten I had. Continue reading “Ink Of The Month – July ’19 – Sailor Jentle Irori”

Papelote Pen Holder / Notebook Strap

I was lucky enough to be one of the last people whose orders were shipped by Bureau Direct before they closed their doors. My last order with them was a small one; I ordered five Papelote Pen Holders. If I’d had an inkling of what was to come I would have ordered more, a lot more as these excellent note book straps are hard to come by; even Papelote don’t sell them separately you can only buy them with a notebook or similar.
Continue reading “Papelote Pen Holder / Notebook Strap”