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The Indian Marmalade Company was established in January ’17 for me to write about all the different stationery that interests me; especially my addiction to fountain pens and inks.

Whilst the site is self-funded like most people I am happy to accept items for review, however, this is on condition that I am free to give my own opinion, which will always be reflective of my experience with the product.

The ‘Disclaimer’ at the end of an article will always say if I bought the product/s myself, received them for review or was offered a discount.

And finally, it is always a thrill when someone reads a post and likes it, so thank you to everyone who spends time at The Indian Marmalade Company.

Best wishes

Charlie Rufus


PS. If you would like to get in touch I can be reached at: theindianmarmaladeco@outlook.com


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