The Esplanade London A5 Harris Tweed Notebook Cover

The first thing I should say is that this notebook cover was given to me by Laura at Esplanade London, following a recent review of her double pen sleeve, with no expectation other than I should use it and enjoy it. In return for her kindness I am writing this review. Continue reading “The Esplanade London A5 Harris Tweed Notebook Cover”


Tradisign Leather Pen Holder

Before I go on to talk about the pen holder, I think I should tell you how I came across it.

I was reading some posts on Fountain Pen Network (FPN) and one of the members, OCArt, had posted that he had seen this pen holder on a French site, This peaked my curiosity and I decided to investigate a little further; with the help of Google Translate I was able to follow the trail back to Tradisign and explore the site. Continue reading “Tradisign Leather Pen Holder”