Wing Sung 698 Nib Swap

For anyone not familiar with the Wing Sung 698; it’s a very nice Chinese piston filler which until recently was only available with a fine nib but now it is available with a medium nib. Which for those of us that prefer medium nibs, like me, is great news because most Chinese pens still ship with a fine or a fine nib. However, this left me with a dilemma; now that I owned 698’s with medium nibs I wanted to upgrade my other 698’s with fine nibs to medium nibs. Continue reading “Wing Sung 698 Nib Swap”


Side Projects No. 1 – Renovating A Brass Delike Alpha

This is the first in a series of occasional posts talking about short projects I have undertaken; ranging from the things that went well, via not so well to projects I’d rather forget. Continue reading “Side Projects No. 1 – Renovating A Brass Delike Alpha”