A Tale Of Two Planners (With Sincere Apologies To Mr Dickens)

Welcome to Part 2.

In Part 1 I set out to test five different planners for a year and I did so in the certain knowledge that some would fall by the wayside whilst others continued onwards. Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Planners (With Sincere Apologies To Mr Dickens)”


Wing Sung 698 Nib Swap

For anyone not familiar with the Wing Sung 698; it’s a very nice Chinese piston filler which until recently was only available with a fine nib but now it is available with a medium nib. Which for those of us that prefer medium nibs, like me, is great news because most Chinese pens still ship with a fine or a fine nib. However, this left me with a dilemma; now that I owned 698’s with medium nibs I wanted to upgrade my other 698’s with fine nibs to medium nibs. Continue reading “Wing Sung 698 Nib Swap”