The Kaweco Supra

This is one of the two full sized Kaweco’s I own which I am reviewing; the Dia2 will follow soon. Continue reading “The Kaweco Supra”


The Moonman M2

Before I start this review I have to confess this is my first Eye Dropper (ED) fountain pen; I do have a number of pens that can convert to ED, such as the Franklin-Christoph Model 66, but this is the first I own pen that was specifically built as an ED pen.  Continue reading “The Moonman M2”

A Visit to the Fabriano Boutique, London.

I started writing this thinking I could wrap up a review of a store visit and some products in one short piece, but it soon became obvious that this was not going to be the case. So, this review is divided into two parts, the visit and the products, and as this is a long one I suggest you make some coffee pull up a plate of cookies and get comfortable. Continue reading “A Visit to the Fabriano Boutique, London.”