Pen Rests From Tom’s Studio

I first came across Tom’s Studio when reading ‘Holiday Haul 2021 // Year in Review’on Anne’s site, Weirdoforestpens, where I noticed what looked like a small brass bow tie in one of the photographs. I was intrigues and further into the article Anne mentioned it was from Tom’s Studio.

One quick trip to the fountain of all knowledge (Google) and I found myself on a site which sells what can only be described as small and wonderful works of art. And when I say small works of art the easiest way to explain what I mean is for you to go and have a look around Tom’s site and keep in mind that in a relatively short space of time Tom has gone from the first pen he made for his wife to having his work sold by Harrods and exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Having said all of that I placed an order for what turned out to be the Butterfly Pen Rest, not a bow tie as I had originally thought and when I asked Tom where the idea came from, he said that it is inspired by a cabinet makers joint.

03 Butterfly Joint Web 600hpx

A couple of days later a padded envelope arrived and I opened it to find a small grey cardboard gift box filled with shredded packing paper and nestled in the paper was the pen rest; at this stage I was so impressed an order was immediately placed for the other brass pen rest that Tom sells and a few days later that one arrived.

05 Empty Butterfly Pen Rest Web 500hpx

The Butterfly Pen Rest is solid brass; approximately 56mm long, 12mm diameter at the end which tapers to 4mm in the middle and to stop it from rolling around your tabletop Tom has built in two small flat areas on the underside (at opposite ends from each other) which act as a roll stop. I’ve tried it with pens of all shapes and sizes without a single problem.

06 Roll Stop Web 400hpx

The other brass pen rest is circular and approximately 50mm in diameter, with a flat base and a domed top which has a full width groove across the middle that accommodates most pens. I’ve tested it with a range of average pens, and they sit nicely in the groove including my Ranga 8B which is a substantial pen. Anything bigger such as the Montblanc 149 or similar is unlikely to fit in the groove which is around 15mm at its widest point.

Now having lived with the pen rests since February I have to say that I don’t see the desk without them; they are small unobtrusive elegant additions to the desk.

04 Pen Rests In Use Web 800hpx

Is there anything I would change?

If pushed perhaps the only non-essential personal preference tweak, I would suggest, would be to add a felt or leather pad to the underside of the round pen rest.

And finally, the all-important question is, “are they worth your pennies?”

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt these are outstandingly good value.

Whether you want to treat yourself or buy them as a gift for someone else; remember each one is handmade so each one is unique

Disclaimer: The pen rests were purchased at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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