The Kunisawa Find Notebook

I must confess that I’ve wanted one of these notebooks for some time but until recently I could only source them in the US or Japan and the postage and taxes made it too expensive to be practical; and then I stumbled upon Japan Stationery ( a small family run business specialising in Japanese stationery at reasonable prices and very reasonable shipping. Continue reading “The Kunisawa Find Notebook”


Expecto Patronum – The Dingbats A6+ Notebook

I was in the mood to try out a pocket sized, albeit a generous pocket, notebook that would easily adapt to landscape or portrait use and after a short wander around Amazon I came across the Dingbats A6+ Notebook which seemed to me to be big enough to be useful but still within the remit of pocket sized. Continue reading “Expecto Patronum – The Dingbats A6+ Notebook”

Harry Potter Notebooks

Most things Harry Potter are quite expensive for what they are and often times price is no guarantee of quality so with this in mind I set out to see if I could find some good quality Harry Potter notebooks that are affordable. When I say affordable, I mean not just affordable to add to a collection but affordable enough to use and replace. Continue reading “Harry Potter Notebooks”