Made From Coffee Cups, Seabright’s A4 Landscape CupCycling™ ECO Sketchbook

The number of products being made from recycled materials is growing all the time but it’s not often you find something made from discarded take away drink cups. In fact, many people still believe that these cups cannot be recycled; how wrong can you be because today’s review is a sketch book made using the CupCylcling technology of James Cropper. Continue reading “Made From Coffee Cups, Seabright’s A4 Landscape CupCycling™ ECO Sketchbook”

Stationery by Anand Prakash

I first heard about Anand Prakash a few years ago when I read a footnote in a review of Indian fountain pens; the note was very complimentary and talked about how old blueprints had been saved and recycled into notebook covers and the like. I was intrigued by this and took a trip to the website and sure enough there were the blueprint notebooks and a whole host of other wonderful things. I purchased a few items as gifts and was very impressed and then this year I ordered quite a few things and decided to review them. Continue reading “Stationery by Anand Prakash”

The Great Harry Potter Haul

On the 28th February ’20 I decided, on my way in to work, to take a small detour and visit a Primark store; assuming, correctly, that it would be quiet first thing in the morning and I could look around in peace. What this normally amounts to is me buying far more than I expected; and that’s exactly what happened. Continue reading “The Great Harry Potter Haul”