Boxes By Muji

About a week or so ago I was in my local Muji and I had found nothing new  when, as I was leaving, I looked up and spotted some very neatly stacked boxes.

At first, I thought they were part of a display and would not be for sale; but I reached up anyway and took one off the shelf and sure enough it had no price label et cetera on it, so I decided to be cheeky and ask if it was for sale. And as it turned out the boxes were for sale and the reason; they were priceless was that they were so new they hadn’t yet been priced; meaning I had looted one of the stores displays.

So, feeling a little guilty for my act of vandalism I bought one of each size, an A4 and an A5.

Despite the slight sense of guilt; I have to say I felt very pleased with my find as I have been looking, for some time, to replace a document box which due to me overloading it has now starting to show signs of age.

The boxes are made from a very solid biscuit coloured cardboard and they feel very robust; I tried flexing them, gently, to see if there was any movement or creaking that would indicate weak spots in the construction, and I could find none.

When I look at them the word precision comes to mind; the accuracy of the finish is reflected in areas like the corners where the alignment is perfect and whilst you wouldn’t necessarily think anyone would give much thought to designing a box and a lid, Muji has. The box itself has a perfectly square inner edge whilst the lid has a bevelled inner edge which just makes it that little bit easier to put on and remove, you have to ask yourself who goes to that much trouble when making a cardboard box and lid, the answer is Muji.

The pictures below show the box corner with the square edge and the lid with the bevelled edge.

03 Box Corner Web 400px

04 Lid Corner Web 400hpx

The picture below gives you an idea of scale and of how much will go in each box, for reference the pale blue notebook is A5.

05 Stuff In Boxes Web 600hpx

I can see a lot of uses for these boxes beyond general storage, for example I think they would make excellent gift boxes, wrapped or just decorated with ribbon, and for posting gifts anything sent in one of these boxes would get anywhere in the world, intact.

I am happy to recommend these boxes; the build quality is excellent and the number of uses you could put them to is infinite. If you are looking for storage boxes for a home office, a craft project or anything else that needs a box of this size then drop into your local Muji and have a look at these boxes.

Disclaimer: The boxes were purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.


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