Happy Terry Pratchett Day

Today is Terry Pratchett Day so why not don your armour and join the Ankh Morpork City Watch for a tour of the great and noble city itself.

Enjoy a dubious ‘sausage in a bun’ followed by a drink or many in The Mended Drum where you will be guaranteed to meet some of the city’s more colourful characters.

Follow this with a trip along the Street Of Cunning Artificers where you can pick up a souvenir or two to commemorate your visit to the greatest city on the Disc.

And then join Susan’s grandfather for a curry………………………….

Hints & Tips No.3 – Index Card Dividers

For a long time, I’ve collected scraps of information, quotes et cetera and these are scattered across various storage mediums ranging from the humble Post-it note, scraps of paper, computer files to my Common Place book. Needless to say, it is now time to try and if not organize then at the very least get them into a single storage facility in some approximate groupings by subject. Continue reading “Hints & Tips No.3 – Index Card Dividers”

Surprise Of The Year 2020 – The Opus 88 Demonstrator

When I look back over 2020 I’ve written about a lot of different things and I’ve been very impressed by all of them from the Classiky Desktop Toolbox to the Harry Potter notebooks from Primark. So, it was very difficult to pick one out of the many that really surprized me and stood out as something different. But after much deliberation I have chosen the Opus 88 Demonstrator eyedropper fountain pen. Continue reading “Surprise Of The Year 2020 – The Opus 88 Demonstrator”