Surprize Of The Year 2018

This was originally going to be a ‘Best Of 2018’ post and then I thought I’d try out a ‘Favourite Of 2018’ post but when I looked back across the year, I realised that there would be a lot of contenders to be included in either category.  Continue reading “Surprize Of The Year 2018”


The Midori A5 Notebook & Cover

Now I know I shouldn’t have been surprised that Midori make things other than their famous Traveler’s Notebook and accessories, but I was; I think it’s because the fame of their Traveler’s range tends to eclipse everything else they produce. If you run a Google search ‘Amazon Midori A5 notebook’ you’ll soon discover they make a much wider range they you may have anticipated. Continue reading “The Midori A5 Notebook & Cover”