Stationery by Anand Prakash

I first heard about Anand Prakash a few years ago when I read a footnote in a review of Indian fountain pens; the note was very complimentary and talked about how old blueprints had been saved and recycled into notebook covers and the like. I was intrigued by this and took a trip to the website and sure enough there were the blueprint notebooks and a whole host of other wonderful things. I purchased a few items as gifts and was very impressed and then this year I ordered quite a few things and decided to review them. Continue reading “Stationery by Anand Prakash”

Camlin Pencils vs Nataraj Pencils

My curiosity about Indian pencils started a few years ago when I read Priya’s review of the Nataraj Marble Pencil at The London Parchment, I was impressed and promptly scoured eBay where found them for sale by the barrel. Each barrel contains a hundred pencils at an insanely reasonable price; and yes, you guessed it, I bought them. In fact, I bought two so now I own two hundred marble pencils! Continue reading “Camlin Pencils vs Nataraj Pencils”

The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire

A few weeks ago, I searched eBay for ‘Parker Penman Ink’ and expected the usual insanely expensive options to pop up; instead I found a seller who had three bottles of Sapphire blue for sale and it was very reasonably priced. All three described as ‘New Old Stock’ so I bought two of them, which makes me the lucky owner of two bottles of one of the most sought-after inks. Continue reading “The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire”

Berlin Notebook No.5 – New Red by Caroline Corleone

Today I am reviewing another new ink from Berlin Notebook. A little while ago Peter mentioned they were creating a new ink and at the time I asked if it would be a red ink, but Peter didn’t let on what the colour would be.  So, when I dropped by the site and saw it was a red ink, I was very keen to see what Peter and Caroline had created. Continue reading “Berlin Notebook No.5 – New Red by Caroline Corleone”