Hogwarts Express Ticket – Notebook.

It’s the 1st September and that means it’s the first day of term at Hogwarts and all the students are busy boarding the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾ for the journey to school. Everyone has their tickets for the train and this year I have a ticket; albeit mine has been transfigured into a notebook. Continue reading “Hogwarts Express Ticket – Notebook.”

Meet the new Authors from GLP Creations

I have long been a fan of The Author notebooks and have twice written reviews about them; in August ’18 I wrote about a black one I had bought and later at Christmas I reviewed the red festive edition.

Now GLP Creations have released two new colours. A dark green (aka Forest Green) with an aged leather look cover and a sapphire blue (aka Navy Blue) again with a leather effect cover but this one is grain finish not aged.  Continue reading “Meet the new Authors from GLP Creations”

Ink Of The Month – August ’19 – Octopus Inks Mango vs Troublemaker Inks Mango

This month I decided to do something different. A while ago I reviewed Mango by Troublemaker Inks, which I liked a lot, and then just recently a version of Mango was added to the Octopus Inks range so I couldn’t resist finding out how this one compares. Continue reading “Ink Of The Month – August ’19 – Octopus Inks Mango vs Troublemaker Inks Mango”