Inks Of The Season – Spring/Summer ’22

It’s been a little while since I wrote one of these posts but having said that it’s only recently that the seasons have finally started to change, and it feels like Spring is finally here.With that in mind I chose some floral colours:

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Berlin Notebook No.5 New Red

This is not really a red ink but what it is, is a really nice pink. The Q-Tip test gives you an idea of what it is like, and the colour becomes slightly darker when you write with it.

Diamine Amber

At the moment this is my favourite yellow ink that produces good results when in both the Q-Tip test and the written test and unlike some yellow inks this one is suitable to write with where others become too pale to be easily read.

Venvstas Mare Aperto

This is a good mid blue, a little deeper than a sapphire blue but a very nice everyday ink, it reminds me of the Forget Me Nots that grow in the hedgerows.

Diamine Wild Strawberry

It wouldn’t be summer without strawberries and this red is a good bright red and as you can see from the results Q-Tip and text tests that this is a pretty good colour match.

Diamine Pumpkin

Pumpkin is an ink I’ve always thought about as an Autumn/Halllowe’en ink, which it is but it is also a bright Spring/Summer ink. Pumpkin is a bright floral orange which means it is one of those inks that is useful throughout the year.

Diamine Carnival

This red reminds me of roses or a good red wine. Either way it is a deep warm red with a pink undertone that produces very nice results in both the text test and the Q-Tip test.

KWZ Grapefruit

This is one of my long-term favourite inks; it’s a strong bright orange that gives good results every time.

As I said, above, I’ve picked what I think are seasonal colours and if you are a frequent colour changer like me then I hope this has provided you with a few ideas for your next ink.

I own and use all of these inks and many more and I’m only to happy to recommend them.

Disclaimer: The inks were purchased with my own funds, at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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