Bertie Wooster’s Notebook aka A Gentleman’s Notes By Sloane Stationery

It’s fair to say that I’ve no idea what notebook, if any, was carried by Bertie Wooster but when I picked this up it occurred to me that this was just the type of notebook Bertie would have in his pocket and Jeeves would have had to confiscate to keep Bertie out of trouble with the courts, his friends or worst of all his formidable aunt Agatha.
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Meet the new Authors from GLP Creations

I have long been a fan of The Author notebooks and have twice written reviews about them; in August ’18 I wrote about a black one I had bought and later at Christmas I reviewed the red festive edition.

Now GLP Creations have released two new colours. A dark green (aka Forest Green) with an aged leather look cover and a sapphire blue (aka Navy Blue) again with a leather effect cover but this one is grain finish not aged.  Continue reading “Meet the new Authors from GLP Creations”

The Kunisawa Find Notebook

I must confess that I’ve wanted one of these notebooks for some time but until recently I could only source them in the US or Japan and the postage and taxes made it too expensive to be practical; and then I stumbled upon Japan Stationery ( a small family run business specialising in Japanese stationery at reasonable prices and very reasonable shipping. Continue reading “The Kunisawa Find Notebook”