Ink Of The Month – October ’20 – Pumpkin Patch By Ferris Wheel Press

With Hallowe’en fast approaching its pumpkin time again and therefore it is rather fitting that this month’s ink is the wonderful orange ink, Pumpkin Patch by Ferris Wheel Press.

The ink come beautifully packaged in a circular cardboard tub that is specially printed with a pumpkin design. When you open the tub, you look down on the bottle wrapped a matching velvet drawstring bag and the hexagonal brass cap.

02 Box Web 400hpx

The Pumpkin Patch Tub.

03 Lid Off Web 400hpx

Top down view into the Pumpkin Patch tub revealing the hexagonal cap and velvet bag.

Once you have unpacked the tub and removed the ink from the velvet bag you find a perfectly spherical bottle and when the light hits it, it glows deep orange.

04 Unboxed Web 400hpx

There are no two ways about it Ferris Wheel Press are masters of presentation and when you stop and take a good look at what they do you can see how much time and energy they put into creating something really special.

For me, one of the things that demonstrates how much thought goes into their products is the hexagonal cap; if you have arthritis or any other ailment that makes it hard to grip things, the hexagonal cap makes life just a little bit easier; and if all else fails a large wrench is always an option.

When I tested the ink, I found it is well behaved and flows very evenly producing a nice mid-orange colour that is a good match for the colour of a pumpkin. The drying time was fine and I did not experience any skipping or hard starts. The Q-Tip test gave a nice orange and when I layered it up with the stripe test the depth of the colour increased to a deep but bright orange with a hint of red at the edges.

05 Text Test Web 500hpx

Close up shot of the text test.

06 Swatch Test Web 500hpx

The Q-Tip test.

09 Ink Testing Web 800hpx

The full ink test.

The inks retail at around £32.00GBP per 85ml bottle making them quite expensive in ink terms; when it comes to wow factor, they have the competition soundly beaten.

Ferris Wheel Press inks make wonderful gifts for or treats for yourself and I am happy to recommend them; if you are shopping for ink and want something special put Ferris Wheel Press at the top of your list and if you are still not sure then dip a toe in the water with one of their Ink Charger sets which contain three 15ml bottles for you to try out and cost around £11.99GBP.

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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