Shopping with Iguanasell

Iguanasell are based in Madrid and have been in business since around 2008 selling luxury goods including pens, watches, bags, cufflinks et cetera. But until two weeks ago I had never really taken a lot of notice of them; I had heard positive feedback but as Madrid is not ‘local’ to me I think I had simply not considered them as an option.

Then last weekend I decided to take the plunge and buy an Esterbrook Estie but not just any Estie I wanted one of the limited edition Maraschino’s. If you haven’t seen this pen check out the reviews at The Well Appointed Desk and The Gentleman Stationer.

So, I started to shop around and found that Iguanasell not only had the best price but were also offering an 18% discount, so you would think this was a no brainer. Well it was until I was distracted by both the Cobalt Blue version and the Sparkle Garnet Red pen, which is made using a material called Diamondcast which has diamond specks in it which makes it sparkle. After many hours of procrastination, I decided against the sparkle pen, it is an oversize model with a notable step down from the barrel to the section which I tend to find uncomfortable, but if there is ever a standard size version, I will be first in the queue.

Anyway, back to Iguanasell and the Friday before the weekend of ‘intense deliberation’ when the idea first started to form that a bright red Esterbrook was the ideal addition to my collection. I was reading the listing and noticed the description did not say if the pen included a converter so I messaged Iguanasell to ask if a converter was included and thinking I would probably get a reply by Monday I sat back to wait. Less than half an hour later I had an answer (it was “Yes” by the way); I was impressed. 

Then the weekend came and went, and I finally made a decision, well sort of. In the end I decided to order both the Maraschino and the Cobalt Blue and finally placed my order on Monday, on Tuesday I had an email saying my ordered was being prepared so I did wonder if it would ship, as promised, within 24hrs of being ordered but I needn’t have been concerned as my next email was from FedEx telling me they had my package and it would be delivered by noon on Wednesday, and it was, in fact it was a couple of hours early.

I opened the box when I got home to find the pens were individually wrapped and packed in box that was a perfect fit and they had arrived in perfect condition and all that it remains to do is for me to ink them and take them out for a spin before reviewing them.

Packed safely for shipping

If like me you have never used Iguanasell then I would urge you to consider them, the service I received was exactly as promised and that is all anyone can ask of a supplier. 

Will I be ordering from them again? Absolutely

Do I recommend them? Without hesitation.

Just a picture of the new pens.

Disclaimer: The pens were purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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