Blue Art Deco Fountain Pen Ink by Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping is an independent stationery store at 21 Tower Street not far from Covent Garden who sell some of the most wonderful stationery you can imagine; and for a long time, they have been on my list of places to visit. So far, though, I have only managed to visit them online and I do this every so often to see what is new and indulge in a little window shopping and it was on one of these visits that I came across their own brand inks.

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Ink Of The Month – August ’20 – Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin

It’s fair to say that my experiences of Pelikan fountain pens have not, to date, been good. I had the Stola 3 which arrived damaged thanks to the genius who designed the tube case clip for Pelikan and then I had the M205 Demonstrator; suffice to say I have thrown away better unbranded pens than this.  Continue reading “Ink Of The Month – August ’20 – Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin”

The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire

A few weeks ago, I searched eBay for ‘Parker Penman Ink’ and expected the usual insanely expensive options to pop up; instead I found a seller who had three bottles of Sapphire blue for sale and it was very reasonably priced. All three described as ‘New Old Stock’ so I bought two of them, which makes me the lucky owner of two bottles of one of the most sought-after inks. Continue reading “The Holy Grail of Ink – Parker Penman Sapphire”