The Pilot Tatemo Multi-Purpose Stationery Case

I bought this case on a whim because it was something different; not only does it have space for a collection of pens and accessories if you unzip it and fold the front down it turns into a desktop stationery holder, with the help of a hidden magnet.

So how cool is that?

When I decided to buy one I looked and found the case available from Japanese eBay sellers but nowhere closer to home, so I had to order this clever little case from Japan; it just surprised me that, at the time, it hadn’t made it on to the inventory of somewhere like Cult Pens. It seems that this case like Pensemble and the Nagasawa cases is something of a hidden gem.

Tatemo Delivered Web 250px.jpg

So, I spent my $20 USD (inc. airmail) and placed my order and because airmail from Japan is amazingly efficient it was with me in a few days and I’ve been playing with it ever since. I opted for the black version to hide the inevitable ink stains, but it is also available in a range of colours including, red, pink, blue and orange. It arrived in a simple plastic wrapper, so I unpacked it and spent a bit of time just inspecting it; at first glance I had expected more for my money especially as its Pilot branded.



Tatemo Empty Web 250px.jpg

However, the more I looked the more I was happy with my purchase; yes, it looks like many other cases that cost a lot less but once you start to look hard at it you see and feel the differences. The material used to make and line the case is very good quality and there are no rough edges; where two or more pieces of material meet Pilot have used a matching tape to conceal and re-enforce the seams. The zip is very smooth and has two pulls, allowing you to zip and unzip from either side. The front folds down and instead of wasted space they have included a small net pocket suitable for a pack of cartridges, a couple of erasers, whatever you want to store in it.

Tatemo Loaded Web 500px.jpg

The design itself is clever, the main body of the case has internal padding to protect your pens et cetera and this adds a degree of rigidity to it which when combined with the shape of the case means it will stand up when its fully closed.

As you can see from the picture, I decided to see what I could easily get in the case and it turns out to be quite a lot; even with the bottle of ink I still had space left over to squeeze in a few more pens.

So, whilst $20 USD is a lot to spend on a stationery case, it’s not when it’s this one.

Sure, there are countless inexpensive options on eBay and Amazon that would save you a few dollars, but they won’t have the design innovation, build quality and the longevity of the Tatemo. 

Pilot have done a really good job with this case because it can easily be adapted to many purposes e.g. small tool kit, first aid kit (it comes in red so why not), even storage for charging cables.

I’m happy to say if you’re looking for a small case for stationery or any other purpose then this case needs to be on your list; it’s worth your pennies. 

Disclaimer: The case was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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