The Indian Marmalade Company Is Proud To Present Dr Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Notebooks

Ok, so this isn’t ‘Fun with Flags’ but it is a Dr Sheldon Cooper notebook review.

Anyone who has watched The Big Bang Theory will have seen Leonard and Sheldon’s desks and seen the composition notebooks on them.

For a long time I scoured the internet trying to find a stockist who would ship them from the USA but to no avail, and for a while I gave up hope of ever getting one.

Then recently when I was wandering aimlessly around Amazon and I came across them; needless to say, I ordered a couple and this is my review of Dr Coopers composition notebook.

3 Notebooks Web 300px.jpeg

To start with what I have is the original Roaring Springs wide ruled marble cover version; not hardback but it has a stiff card cover, a tape bound spine and it is stitched rather than stapled. It is much better built than I had expected a basic school/college notebook to be and for a budget item the attention to detail is quite impressive. I compared it to one of my Moleskine notebooks and the build quality is comparable.

So, moving on, on the inside of the covers there is a blank academic timetable (front) and a whole host of useful conversion tables (rear). It contains fifty sheets of paper and this is a nice white with clear lines (blue) and a margin (pink) printed on each page; the paper feels around the 70gsm mark being sufficiently thin to allow the margin from the following page to be visible.Ink Test 600px Web

For everyday use with a ballpoint or pencil which is generally what this type of notebook is intended for it’s a great notebook; I tested it with fountain pens and ink and it does bleed through so my advice would be stick to pencils and ballpoints. The size is 7.5” x 9.75” which is the same size as a large Moleskine Cahier notebook, which I find just the right size to drop in my bag.

My final thoughts on this notebook are that it is a pretty decent everyday notebook and while it’s a little pricey outside the USA it’s still nice to own a few and when these run out I will buy a few more. On a personal note it’s nice to look across the desk and see one of Dr Cooper’s notebooks.



Disclaimer: The notebooks were purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturer in any way.

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