Ink Of The Month – December

My ink of the month for December is Burgundy by Octopus-Office ( and with Christmas being just around the corner I wanted a nice festive colour.

It’s a lovely deep traditional red that really is a match for the red wine it is named after.

Octopus Inks don’t seem to attract a lot of notice in the wider world and I can’t understand why as they have a good colour palette and are reasonably priced either directly from Octopus or via Amazon. It took me a while before I decided to dabble but I’m very glad I did. Burgundy is a well behaved ink that I’ve tried in a few of my pens always with good results; no skipping, no hard starts just a good solid colour that feeds well.

Octopus Burgundy 500px Web.jpeg

My only wish is that Octopus would supply it in cartridges (small international for preference). So if you are stuck for a stocking filler then a bottle of any of their inks should be most welcome.

Ps. If you’ve not already thought about it then don’t forget to follow Santa on his world tour on Christmas Eve online at or via the app.

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