So whatever happened to customer service?

It seems these days that you have to go a long way to find good customer service so I thought I would share some recent experiences I’ve had.

This isn’t a complete list but one day I intend to compile a list and post it on the ‘Blogs & Sites’ page; but, in the meantime, these are some of the people that deserve recognition.

Mr Pen – Home of the Italix range of pens, when I spoke to Mr Pen himself nothing was too much trouble and at no time did I feel hurried, talking to Mr Pen and getting advice about nib and what to purchase when the time comes was a real pleasure.

Blade Rubber Stamps – if you are ever in London and near the British Museum I would urge you to walk around the corner, into Bury Place, and visit the store. Other than reading about them on The London Parchment I knew nothing of rubber stamps, I now own one of their fountain pen stamps. I spoke to Wayne and asked a lot of questions and he gave me some good advice and I left with a bag stamps, notebooks and one of their store bags.

Cult Pens – For all things stationery, fantastic customer service and a delivery that beats Amazon Prime, need I say more.

The Writing Desk – On my collecting quest, like most people, there is always the one thing you want that is a bit obscure for various reasons; not many were made, it’s very new etc. And it was one of these obscure requests I put to Martin, turns out it wasn’t the problem.

FPNibs – Just recently I bought a dip pen from Ranga Handmade Pens and not being sure of the quality of the supplied nib I decided to investigate alternatives. I swapped emails with both Pablo and Esther and nothing was too much trouble so if you are in the market for a new nib check them out; they do custom nib grinding and sell pens as well.

It’s good to know that good customer service is still out there it’s just a little harder to find these days and, interestingly, none of these businesses are huge.

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