Hints & Tips No.6 – Improvised Inkwell & Pen Stand

Believe it or not Hints & Tips No.6 is about recycling or to put it another way repurposing; but whichever way you look at it it all turns out the same.

It all started when the ever-wonderful Mrs Loops gave me the caps off a couple of empty bottles of fragrance suggesting they might be useful when photographing pens, such as propping the pens up for photographs.

So, I tried it and it works really well because the pen stays stable, you can change the angle light hits the pen which very useful when taking a close-up nib shot; and best of all no more praying that your hand doesn’t wobble just as you take the picture!

03 Pen in stand Web 600vpx

Pen in stand.

04 Nib Shot Web 500hpx

Nib shot taken  using the improvised pen stand.

Flushed with success I looked again at the bottle caps and noticed that each of them has quite a deep recess. Normally this is there to cover the spray nozzle but in the spirit of enquiry I looked again and realised it is not dissimilar to an inkwell, so I tested the theory, and it works.

01 Inkwell & Penn Web 600hpx

Inkwell and pen rest.

02 Pen in inkwell Web 500hpx

Pen nib in inkwell.

I’m not saying it’s a replacement for a proper inkwell but for occasional use it’s eminently suitable with the added perk of doing something environmentally friendly.

Disclaimer: The caps were a gift. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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