Happy 40th Birthday Only Fools & Horses

40 years ago, today, The Peckham Posse first rode on to our screens in a yellow Reliant Robin three wheeled van and the legend was born.

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter, his little brother Rodney and Grandad (later Uncle Albert), the Three Horsemen of Hooky Street.

Living in, as Del put it, “a lego set in the sky” aka a council flat in Nelson Mandela House and when not at home they could often be found in the Nags Head Public House with their friends Trigger, Boycie, Mickey Pearce, Mike, Denzil and the other regulars.

Wheeling and dealing their way through life buying and selling whatever crossed their paths on a no questions asked basis.

The series was written by the late John Sullivan and the fact that after forty years we are still watching and laughing at the adventures of Delboy and Rodney tells you all you need to know about how good it is.

It is as Del would say, “Luvly Jubbly.”


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