Elong Fabric Pen Case For 3 Pens

A short while ago I started looking for a pocket-sized pen case that would hold three medium to large fountain pens and keep them separate with full length partitions.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching pen case options most of the recommendations were for leather cases such as the Visconti or the Franklin Christoph. Both of which are excellent cases but neither would meet my ‘pocket’ requirement and so I concluded that I would need a soft material case and I wanted to try something new, so the search went on.

Eventually, I came across a thread on Fountain Pen Network in which one of the contributors recommended Elong cases; so, I dug around on eBay and found a seller and placed my order.

Elong produce a range of pen cases and pen rolls that accommodate anywhere from three to nine pens and whilst they tend to be a little more expensive than other makes, but they are worth the investment.

I ordered my case, and when it arrived I was very impressed; I had wanted a pocket sized discreet case that would be suitable to take anywhere and that is exactly what I got.

The case is a very nice mid-grey grey fabric case that is designed for three pens and has a fold over flap that secures with a loop across the main body of the case and consequently adjusts a little to allow for pens of different lengths.


04 Closed Case Web 600hpx

It’s only when you open the case and look closely do you realise that the case is made in two parts: a fabric outer shell and a soft microfibre inner case. The inner case has the full-length pen compartments, and this is then stitched to the outer case to form a single unit. And whilst you won’t get the solid protection you would from leather there is sufficient protection for the average fall from a desk/table which is all most of us need.

02 Case Open Web 600hpx

To give you an idea of the pens it will accommodate the picture shows my Ranga 8B, TWSBI Eco and Narwhal Original Demonstrator; all fit comfortably and slide, easily, in and out of the case.

03 Pens Out Web 600hpx


The build quality and fabrics used are excellent, the stitching is very neat and overall this is a high quality product; I paid around $35.00USD which I initially thought was a lot for a fabric case but now having lived with it for a while I can honestly say that’s a very reasonable price for such a good case.

So I have no hesitation in recommending this case to you; it’s a great pocket sized case that comfortably takes pens from regular to the more substantial sizes.

Disclaimer: The pen case was purchased at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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