Ink Of The Month – March ‘21 – Diamine Writer’s Blood

This month’s Ink Of The Month is something a bit different. Writer’s Blood is the result of a collaboration between Diamine and the Reddit fountain pen community which has produced a wonderful dark cherry coloured ink.

When I first saw Nick Stewart’s sampling of the ink I was really taken with it and promptly spent the next two months combing the internet looking for a clue to its release date which finally came when Cult Pens announced it should be available from the 19th February happily for me and everyone else who wanted to order a bottle or two Cult Pens started taking pre-orders, and on the 19th it shipped.

So yesterday I loaded it into a spare TWSBI Eco, with a Medium nib, and started testing it out.

05 Ink On The Nib Web 600hpx

Ink on the nib.

The first thing I noticed is how wet this ink is, when loaded in a pen I’ve always found to have a steady flow this really gushed; as you can see from the text test, below, it was laying down a lot of ink, however, it didn’t take too long to dry.

Next, I did a Q-Tip test, and this produced an even colour and when I did the stripe test it simply darkened as I added more layers and there was no sheen.

The writing experience with this ink was very smooth particularly when you take into account, I was testing it on sketch book paper. I’ve since done some writing tests on plain notebook paper of varying qualities and the results have been the same.

04 Writing Test Web 800hpx

I definitely recommend this ink if you like red inks, or are just curious to see the results of an online community’s efforts to create a new ink, and what is a nice surprise is despite this being a specially created ink it is still the same price as any other bottle of Diamine ink, £5.90GBP.

My final thought would be this; because it is quite a wet ink you might need to try it out in a couple of pens until you find the right combination of pen and ink; to paraphrase Mr Ollivander, “The ink chooses the pen, Mr Potter.”

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased at retail price and given to me as a gift. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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