Ink Of The Month – December ’20 – Diamine Sargasso Sea

This month it is the turn of a wonderful blue ink, Diamine Sargasso Sea, to be the Ink Of The Month.

Over the last few months or so I have been dabbling more and more with blue inks; not so much the dark blues like Oxford Blue (one of my favourites) but more the rich mid blues such as Berlin Notebook No.1.

So, it was no surprize that when I saw Sargasso Blue, I ordered a couple of bottles. The ink is named for the calm blue waters of the Sargasso Sea, a highly unusual body of water found in the north Atlantic.

I ordered the standard 80ml bottles and waited for them to arrive and as soon as they did I loaded a pen and took the ink for a test scribble and I have to say I was impressed with the results.



The ink is well behaved and maintains an even flow so there was no skipping or hard starts; I don’t think it is either a wet or a dry ink I think it sits comfortably somewhere in the middle with a drying time of just under 30 seconds. For anyone who likes their inks with some sheen Sargasso Sea does not disappoint, it has a nice red sheen along the edges which is most noticeable in the swab and stripe tests but also shows up on the text test



Is Sargasso Sea worth your pennies, definitely; in the space of a couple of weeks it has become my favourite mid-blue. It is suitable for use in any environment and if you are a fan of blue inks or know someone who is then this one needs to be on their list to Santa.

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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