Black Lives Matter

On the 25th May 2020 George Perry Floyd jr died begging for his life, he was a black man who died at the hands of a white police officer and his colleagues who felt it necessary to use handcuffs and neck compression to restrain him.

He said numerous times that that he could not breathe and on each and every occasion he was ignored.

The reason he ended up being restrained was that he was accused of passing a fake $20 bank note in a store and for subsequently failing to return the items he bought with said bank note. 

He lost his life for allegedly using a fake bank note; the police officer who assumed command of the arrest and shortly thereafter murdered George Floyd placed a price on his life, of $20.

We are supposed to be living in an enlightened society where everyone not only deserves but has the right to expect equal treatment under the law; however, it turns out when you are black in America this isn’t always the case.

Black lives matter, in fact all lives matter and if we allow racism and bigotory to flourish it will spread rapidly and then it will be anyone those in power object to, and we will find our world only one small step away from the horror of Auschwitz.

George Floyd should never have died, he did, and his passing has to mean something; so, stand up and be counted and make a difference.

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