Australian Fires

I know this will sound odd  coming from a blog that is built on stationery reviews but today I’m asking you to not buy that extra notebook, bottle of ink, pack of pencils et cetera and instead give those dollars to help support the firefighting and rescue efforts in Australia.

Please give what you can; whether you give it to larger efforts such as Bstrong or like me you send your dollars to one of the animal rescue charities that are struggling to cope and desperately need help, every penny makes a difference.

The picture above sums it up for me a firefighter and a Koala Bear standing side by side and watching the world go up in flames and the picture below shows you what bravery can do, a life saved.

Rescued Yoda.jpg
Grose Wold Rural Fire Brigade and baby Yoda

Disclaimer: The photographs used are the property of Eden Hills County Fire Service and Grose Wold Rural Fire Brigade and I would ask them to be kind enough to forgive me for using them without asking first.

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