Ink Of The Month – November ’19 – Diamine Bloody Brexit

Welcome to Ink Of The Month for November ’19.

This month I had a plan, but thanks to Nick Stewart it changed when I read his excellent review of Diamine’s Bloody Brexit ink, a wonderful blue/red sheening ink that Nick got some exceptional results from.

So sometimes, even the best plans have to go on hold and as my friend said Brexit is fast approaching and this might be the last chance, as a European citizen, to order from a fellow European citizen; and with a name like ‘Bloody Brexit’ you’d have to be mad to pass it up. 

Since our conversation and the passing of the Hallowe’en deadline the inevitable Brexit delay has occurred and this has been topped up with a general election in the UK so dependent upon the outcome of the latter, fingers crossed, it may not be the last opportunity to buy freely as an EU citizen.

Now back to the ink.

This is a Diamine special edition ink, and just like Skulls & Roses it has been made for the German market and thanks to the nice people at Seitz-Kreuznach I have been able to acquire a couple of bottles.

The ink primarily is a deep blue, when using a medium nib it flowed freely and consistently without being too wet giving good even results results. When I swabbed it I got mostly deep blue with just a hint of red, however, when writing with it I got some interesting purple/red results and I didn’t notice that the drying times were anything out of the ordinary. 


BB Notebook Web 300px.jpg
Very blue results but you can just see the the purple.

Whilst it might not be an ink for the conventional workplace (thinking blues, blacks and blue/black inks etc) it could serve you well as an alternative for marking up documents where red might be seen as a little too harsh.

Finally, it’s fun and a little something different so if you like sheening inks this is definitely one to add to your collection and if you are new to sheening inks and you like blue/red combinations then treat yourself to a bottle; either way I’m happy to recommend this ink. 

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.


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