Ink Of The Month – July ’19 – Sailor Jentle Irori

As it’s summer and this is post 100 I thought I would search the ink collection, no mean feat in itself, to find something special; I wanted a really bright colour to compliment the season. The storage crates were opened and many many inks were taken out for inspection and promptly returned until I came across a bottle of Sailor Irori (Hearth Red) ink that I had forgotten I had.

I’m lucky enough to have the 50ml bottles which are beautifully boxed; they are from the four seasons collection and the boxes have printed designs to reflect this. The bottles are short and circular and on first glance I thought that the ink would need decanting towards the end of the bottle, but no each bottle contains an inkwell (instructions on the side of the box). Basically, with the lid on turn it upside down then right way up and the inkwell should be ready to fill your pen from.

Sailor Jentle Irori Ink Test Web 400px.jpg
Ink test.

The ink, as you can see from the swab test is an amazing red; a bright red with a great depth of colour that, to me, looks to have an orange undertone. The gold sheen is lovely, and I have done my best to capture it from the swab test; it didn’t show up in the text but I was using a glass nib; I suspect that with a broad or stub nib you would see the sheen really well.

Sailor Jentle Irori Sheen Web 400px.jpg
Gold sheen.

I’ve seen this ink compared to Diamine Strawberry, which is a wonderful bright red, but when I compared both swab tests the Irori looks a more saturated and brighter red.

Sadly, Sailor have discontinued the 50ml bottle and replaced it with a 20ml bottle which, I think, lacks the charm and appeal of the 50ml but, never the less, whichever bottle you buy I do not think for a minute you will be disappointed with this red which is why I am very happy to recommend it.

One final thought, I know it’s summer but the lovely gold sheen this ink has would make a really good Christmas ink.

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.



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