Fountain Pen Friendly From Muji

I was browsing in Muji a couple of weeks ago and came across this particular notebook that, as it turned out, was part of their four for the price of three offer; so naturally this was an offer I could not pass up and without owning up to how many I bought, let’s just say I left the store with a paper bag that was full to the brim.

Having spent so much time in Muji I was in something of a hurry to return to work and the notebooks were dropped in my bag and I decided to look at them a little later. A little later came and went and the paper bag found its way on to the floor of the spare room where it stayed until I bumped into it whilst looking for something else and then I finally got around to looking at them and realised I had done rather well.

Notebook & pen Web 400px

The notebook comes in a range of sizes, my local Muji stocks A6, A5 & A4, I bought the A5; large enough to be useful and small enough to fit, easily, in any bag et cetera. The pages are printed with the standard Muji 5mm grid and the notebook is stitched, and tape bound.

Stitching Web 250px.jpeg







Being stitched means the notebook lies flatter than many of its glue bound counterparts and this makes for ease of use and more importantly means you can use the whole width of the page rather than the 80% or so that you normally get from most glue bound notebooks.

Ink Test WEb 492px.jpeg


As for the paper; well Muji can be a little hit and miss where paper is concerned, you can pick up two similar notebooks in Muji and one will act like blotting paper and the other will be a delight to use. I am happy to say this one is in the latter category and as you can see from the ink test a heavy dose of Cult Pens (Diamine) Deep Dark Orange does show through but has not bled through meaning it is perfectly possible to use both sides of the page.


For an everyday notebook that is stitched, has paper that is fountain pen friendly and costs so little, this is a bargain I’m happy to recommend; it’s worth the pennies even more so when it’s on offer. So, if you are passing a Muji and feel the urge to pick up a notebook or two then this one is definitely worth considering.

Disclaimer: The notebook was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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