Stationery For The Devil

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to a peek into the desk of Mr Lucifer Morningstar.

Mr Morningstar, being a sophisticated man of impeccable if somewhat minimalist taste keeps only a few essential items in his desk drawer.

I have been lucky enough to speak to Mr Morningstar and see the collection and bring you the only photograph, in existence, of the Devil’s stationery.

SFTD Web 500px

The collection includes:

The all black Blackwing 24 pencil which Mr Morningstar said he prefers over the Blackwing 602; when I asked why Mr Morningstar replied that he felt it was the more stylish option. I then asked why it was capped and after a moments hesitation he added that it discouraged Maze from stabbing people with it and ruining a perfectly good pencil, again.

Whilst Mr Morningstar is currently using the Field Notes Pitch Black Edition which he said he likes he went on to say that generally he prefers the Darkstar Deep Black notebooks.

Mr Morningstar has recently added a Nagasawa pen case to his collection and describes it as being the perfect pen case, being beautifully tailored and suitable for most pens without disrupting the line of his suits.

We moved on to the subject of his new pen and Mr Morningstar said it was a gift from an old friend; the pen is a custom made Ranga 8B with a special black nib which he added complimented his new choice of ink perfectly. Presently, Mr Morningstar’s ink of choice is KWZ Warsaw Dreaming and when I enquired why this particular ink Mr Morningstar said that it was smooth, reliable and a more natural black, reminiscent of the night sky.

I then asked why the red skull eraser and Mr Morningstar simply smiled at me and advised me that I didn’t want to know why, so, with that in mind, I thanked him for his time and for agreeing to share his collection with me.

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen a peek inside the Devil’s desk.

Disclaimer: Everything is real and purchased with my own funds at retail price and I am not connected with the retailers or manufacturers in any way. Lucifer Morningstar and Maze belong to Warner Brothers and I hope they will be kind enough to forgive me for borrowing them.

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