Ink Of The Month – June ’18

It was less than a month ago that winter was only just starting fade away and in a matter of a few weeks spring has put in a fleeting appearance and summer has arrived.

With summer comes the wonderful colours of flowers and fruits and none more so than strawberries and with this in mind I have chosen Diamine Wild Strawberry as my ink of the month for June ’18.

Despite being a bit of a collector of red inks, up to a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Diamine Wild Strawberry; but then I came across it in another review and decided to see if Diamine really had managed a strawberry red.

Wild Strawberry really is a gorgeous red ink and the picture below doesn’t do it justice, the colour is deeper and is a proper strawberry red and it is now competing with KWZ Thief’s Red and MB’s Corn Poppy Red as my favourite red ink. 

Diamine Wild Strawberry Web 500px.jpeg


I loaded it into one of my ink tester pens, a Jinhao 992, and I’ve been very impressed; the ink is well behaved, not too wet and puts down a strong red line.

If you are looking for a new red then you should consider this one, it’s a lovely colour and it’s excellent value for money.

Disclaimer: The ink was purchased at retail price and the opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturer in any way.

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