A Trip To Muji

I’m like so many people who take a trip to Muji, it always ends in a purchase. 

I go in with no intention of buying anything and leave with a bag full of the strange and the everyday; and to illustrate this on my most recent visit I bought a pack of Bookmark Seals.

Bear in mind I had no idea what I was buying (they looked interesting and that was all the encouragement I needed) and when the store assistant looked hopefully at me and asked, ‘Do you know what those are for?’ I had to admit I didn’t; but I bought them anyway, and that’s the magic of Muji.

For now, I’m going to review the things I can find; there are many more things in Muji’s trademark brown paper bags that I’ve put away safely and can’t find, so they will have to wait for another day.

So, what I’ve got is this:

  • 15cm ABS Ruler
  • Cat ‘Post-its’
  • 15-30cm folding ruler
  • Double ended glue applicator
  • Velour Jewellery Tray

ABS Ruler (see Header) – This is a great little piece of innovation, measure one way then flip it over and measure the other, ideal for those jobs where you have to measure awkward areas and a conventional ruler just won’t cut it.

Cat ‘Post-its’ – These are just for fun, they’re too small to be of any practical value but if love cats or know someone who does then these are ideal. They are pictured next to the small Post-it notes, so you can see how they stack up.

Cats & Post-its

15-30cm Folding Ruler – This is my all-time favourite Muji product, I must have over half a dozen of them scattered around and it is just so useful, it fits in your pocket, pencil case, work bag etc and if you look really closely the circular hinge has a small protractor marked out on it. Like the Post-it note, many have copied this, but none have succeeded, this is one of those products where Muji got it just right.

Folding Ruler.jpeg

Glue Stick



Double ended glue stick – Is just another piece of logical innovation; like the ABS Ruler it’s just so logical that when you look at it you wonder why no one thought of it before.




Velour Jewellery Tray – These are my most expensive Muji purchase (and I got them on a 20% discount offer); I’ve been looking at them for a very long time and wondering if they would make a suitable pen tray. The good news is that they do; but with an internal length of approximately 23cm even my large Franklin-Christoph 66 and ASA Nauka are a bit lost in there.


To give you some idea of scale I have pictured it with an ABS Ruler, a TWSBI Vac700R and a Pilot Custom 74. As you can see these two pens fit in the narrower slots and the wider slots will accommodate either two slim pens or a larger pen such as an MB149 or similar.

So to sum up this mini review of my Muji shopping trip; it’s fair to say not everything they sell could be classed as inexpensive, such as the jewellery trays, but on the whole their stationery range is very reasonably priced and is always good quality.

Muji is a brand I never hesitate to recommend simply because I know that if you find what you are looking for in their range it won’t disappoint you.

So next time you’re going past a Muji store just remember if you go in, don’t blame me for the bag of goodies you will leave with.


Disclaimer: All of the items were purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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