Th[ink] Notebook

I suppose the first thing I should own up to is that I don’t like wire bound notebooks but I do like dot grid notebooks; so, when it came to writing the review for this notebook it presented something of a dilemma.

However, Christmas is a good time to test and review notebooks; it’s the season for making plans and many many lists so it is the time of year when you really need a good notebook.

Th[ink] Notebook Web 500px.jpeg

This notebook was supplied by Creoly via Amazon and it arrived in the usual Amazon wrapper but when I opened it I was pleasantly surprized to find the notebook shrink wrapped to a sheet of card keeping it clean and adding some extra protection.

03 Th[ink] Page Sample Web 500px

The version of the notebook I am reviewing is the 21cm x 26cm dot grid; this size also comes in a mixed dot grid and plain paper and with an isometric grid (the smaller A5 version is currently only available, on Amazon, in dot grid). It has sturdy covers that are very well finished both externally and internally and the front cover carries the company’s Th[ink] logo. The wire binding is in matching black and is done to a high standard using properly cut holes which means the note book genuinely lies flat when it is open/folded over; which is how the draft of this review was written.

Th[ink] state that the paper in this notebook is 120gsm but manufacturers spec’s, particularly where paper is concerned, sometimes need a very hefty pinch of salt. So, it was a nice surprize to find that in this case no salt was required. It really is a nice 120gsm bright white paper printed with light grey dots; I’ve taken a random sample of the pages and they all look well printed and above all they are cut square.

02 Th[ink] Ink Sample Web 500px.jpeg

I did a bleed test using an ink swab and an assortment of pens and I am happy to say that no matter how generous I was with the ink there was no bleed through at all, hence there being no need for me to take a picture of the reverse side of the page.






In conclusion, ‘Is this notebook good value for money?’

You might think, initially, that it is expensive and you would be right when compared to some of its competitors. However, in reality the price difference in this size range is not that great but the quality difference is vast; what Th[ink] have created is definitely a benchmark product; it’s a well made notebook built from excellent materials that should last as long as you need it to.

So, in answer to the question it “Is this notebook good value for money?” – Yes it is.

Whilst Th[ink] won’t convert me to wire bound notebooks I would buy another and be happy to recommend this one.


Disclaimer: This notebook was purchased with my own funds and the opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.



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