Classiky Desktop Toolbox

I’ve been looking at the Toolbox for, at least, a couple of years and because of the price it’s always been one of those things I’ve been glad went out of stock quite quickly and thereby saving me from the horrors of procrastination.

Then along came Santa Claus and under the tree I found a neatly wrapped box and when I removed the wrapping paper, I found a brown cardboard shoe box and that’s how Classsiky ship them, in a made to measure shoe box.

The Shoe Box Web 300px.jpg
The shoe box.

When you take the lid off the box you find the Toolbox and you’ll see what I mean by made to measure. The packaging is really minimalist, and I like it, it feels like the right choice for the box; sometimes fancy packaging adds to the overall effect and other times it distracts you from the product and in the case of the Toolbox I don’t think it would add anything.

Inside The Shoe Box Web 300px.jpg
Inside the shoe box.

After all it is a Toolbox and it is meant to be used as such and whilst it is not intended for wrenches and hammers it is intended for your stationery kit.

Out Of The Box Web 300px.jpg
Out of the shoe box.

Santa got mine from Miscellaneous in Amsterdam; who sell an amazing range of stationery and are well worth a visit if you are ever in Amsterdam. Mine was ordered and shipped very promptly and arrived extremely well packed in a large sturdy box surrounded by packing chips. The service from Miscellaneous was outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Back to the Toolbox.

Once you have the Toolbox out its shoe box the first thing I noticed was that the handle on top had been wrapped in a small piece of foam to stop it damaging the lid of the box whilst it was travelling. It’s this kind of attention to detail that shows you how much Classiky care about their products and their customers, they want you to be able to open the shoe box and find your Toolbox in perfect condition. 

The Toolbox is a wonderful milk chocolate brown and the varnish has a satin finish and interestingly it is not a perfectly even coat; some of the edges and corners are lighter/darker in places, reminding me of aged leather, and, for me, this adds to the charm of the Toolbox.

Working our way around the Toolbox; the lid is secured, at the front, with a standard clasp and on the right side, as you look at the front of the Toolbox, is the scissor hinge (standard hinges are on the back of the Toolbox) that controls the lid. This hinge essentially keeps the lid open preventing it from falling shut and taking the strain off the rear hinges when it is open.

Hinges Web 300px.jpg
Hinges, regular and support hinge for the lid.

When you open the Toolbox, you find it is divided into two sections; the rear section is slightly narrower than the front section, but the front section has a removable sliding tray which is useful for smaller items such as erasers.


Inside The Box Web 400px.jpg
The main storage area and sliding tray.

I tried a range of different things in the Toolbox and the only thing that didn’t fit was a bottle of Diamine ink; it was too tall, so the lid did not close. However, when I swapped it out for a bottle of Lamy Crystal Ink it fitted perfectly, and the lid closed; which I took to be a sign that I needed to buy more Lamy Crystal Inks (Blackbird Inks also fit). 

Everything you see in the image, below, fitted in the and I could close the lid without any problems.

Filling The Toolbox Web 500px.jpg
This really is about half of what I could pack in the box!

The lid of the box has a built-in clip, at the top, that allows you to attach notes, receipts et cetera and directly below this Classiky have put their name to the Toolbox.

So that’s it, that’s the tour of the Classiky Desktop Toolbox.

The last question is “Should you spend your pennies on it?”

Well it’s beautifully made and finished and is incredibly lightweight for a wooden toolbox and Classiky’s intention to build a superb product is evident in every aspect of the design and manufacture and whilst there is no doubt that this is an expensive item it is definitely worth every penny.

Disclaimer: The Toolbox was purchased at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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