The Moonman M2

Before I start this review I have to confess this is my first Eye Dropper (ED) fountain pen; I do have a number of pens that can convert to ED, such as the Franklin-Christoph Model 66, but this is the first I own pen that was specifically built as an ED pen. 

For anyone not familiar with the term ‘Eye Dropper’ it really does refer to the eye droppers you can pick up at pharmacies; which are used to manually fill the barrel of a suitable fountain pen.

For a while I had been thinking about an ED pen and started to read reviews of the M2 that were spoke very positively of the M2 and so I decided to buy one. It turned out that I had underestimated its popularity and I had to wait a couple of weeks before they were back in stock before placing my order. 

In less than two weeks my new M2 had arrived and my fingers are covered in ink!

Pen in Box Web 300pxIt arrived in an opaque box and inside this is a custom foam insert with cut-outs holding the M2 and its ED. A word about the latter, before I go any further, it’s a proper glass eye dropper and it works really well; I had to load it three times (half fill on each occasion) to fill the M2, if I had known what I was doing it would have only taken two loads.

The one thing no one tells you about ED’s is you that you ideally need about three hands when filling it firstly one to hold the ink, then one to work the dropper itself and finally one keeping the barrel upright while you fill it and subsequently attached it to the section.

Anyway, back to the M2. It’s a traditional cigar shaped pen made from clear polished acrylic, the only splashes of colour come from the nib, gold finish, and the red band around the middle. I’ve seen a few people saying they don’t like the red band, but I do. 

Pen Web 400px.jpg

This is a very well thought out and designed pen, the build quality is excellent and far above what you would expect from a pen in this price range and as far as I can see it is a turned pen rather than a moulded pen.

O Ring Web 250px.jpgOne of the design aspects that impressed me was the O ring mounted at the end of the thread on the nib section which, when it is screwed into the barrel, creates a seal within the barrel to prevent leaks. I tested this when I first loaded the pen by leaving it standing nib down to get some ink flow going and there was not the slightest leak; since then I have kept it nib down and still no leaks, it’s a nifty piece of design that really works.

The cap is interesting as well, when you look at it it appears to have a line about around the cap around the halfway mark. This is another rather clever little piece of design, within the cap there is a ridge which meets the section when the pen is capped creating a separate chamber for the nib. 

I found the writing experience to be good, the nib is definitely a fine leaning towards extra fine and I even though I prefer a medium nib this does write quite nicely, mine is loaded with Graf von Faber-Castell Burned Orange, which performs nicely but, in this pen, I would like to try a wetter ink because I think this would enhance its performance.

The Moonman M2 is amazing value for money; what you are getting for your pennies is well thought out and designed ED pen made using good quality materials and high production values. The only thing that might bother some people is the lack of a clip but if this is going to travel in your pen case or be a desk pen then that don’t make no never mind.

It’s really simple, buy one.

Disclaimer: The pen was purchased with my own funds at retail price. The opinions expressed in this review are my own; and I am not connected with either the retailers or manufacturers in any way.

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